Services on the Website


The Comeback Initiative Network offers the following concrete services on its website:

  1. Information and Resources:
    • Providing comprehensive information and resources related to reintegration, mentorship, advocacy, and prison reform.
    • Offering guidance on accessing employment programs for ex-offenders.
    • Sharing research and reports on employment-focused programs for ex-prisoners.
  2. Consultation Request:
    • Allowing individuals to request a one-hour free consultation to discuss their situation and receive advice.
  3. Service Offerings:
    • Detailing the services provided by The Comeback Initiative Network, including mentorship, advocacy, and facilitating communication between families and institutions.
    • Explaining the process and benefits of working with the organization.
  4. Contact Information: 
    • Providing contact details, including email and possibly a phone number, for individuals to reach out and inquire about services.