Try these 6 AI tools to help you find a job:

Published on 26 July 2023 at 20:25

Teal ( - one-stop shop to create resumes, track your job apps, and manage your search



Cool feature → Quick resume customization for each role you apply to + auto-generates 'ATS-friendly' templates to boost your chances of landing an interview.




2/ 10Web ( - create a professional-looking website in under 5 minutes


Cool feature → Requires minimal input to create an attractive website. The "portfolio" template is great for creatives or can be tweaked for a general personal website.




3/ folk ( - mission control for building relationships; manage contacts, send personalized emails in bulk, track results


Cool feature → Auto-import and categorize people you find on LinkedIn with their plug-in (I use this to network and land coffee chats).




4/ Perplexity ( - your personal AI research assistant connected to the web


Cool feature → Tell it what company you're interviewing at (e.g. Google, Tesla) and ask about that company's competitors, products, recent news, and more. Get intel in seconds.




5/ Quill Bot ( - AI writing assistant to help you avoid grammatical errors + make your writing better


Cool feature → Their rephrasing tool improves your writing in real-time (on any app/website) making it more persuasive, engaging, concise.




6/ ChatGPT Mobile ( - you already know about ChatGPT, but did you know you can turn their mobile app into a mock interviewer?


Cool feature → download the mobile app → turn on "GPT-4" → enter this prompt:


"I'm interviewing for a [your role] role in the [your industry] industry. Pretend you're the hiring manager and ask me questions one by one, wait for me to respond, then provide feedback on my answer. Ensure my answer follows the STAR method. Let's begin"


Speak your answer using the mic, then watch it work its magic.




AI has reshaped the job search forever.


Give these tools a try to get an edge.


p.s. - repost to help someone in your network find a job.






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